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MyFriends gives new life to children who have no hope.

—Children in Crisis—
Make a difference in a child's life ...

MyFriends is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation established in 1972 with the sole objective of raising funds to aid abused, abandoned and traumatized children. MyFriends is operated entirely by non-paid volunteers; its Board and volunteers raise monies each year for effective, low-overhead projects that serve children in crisis. Many of these are new, under funded, or still developing their own fund-raising capabilities. Once the beneficiary becomes self sufficient, MyFriends selects another deserving recipient. 

      Supported by caring individuals and companies, MyFriends is a valuable financial resource for organizations working to relieve the unique problems of children in crisis. Young people depend on these benevolent groups. Every year the demand becomes greater and we need your help today.

MyFriends Foundation
P.O. Box 25294 - Houston, TX 77265
Phone: 713-824-1424 or 281-533-4099
Email: info@myfriendsfoundation.org
a non profit 501-C3 organization







“When you see how fast a child can turn his/herlife around—even after it seems too late—that’s when you realize how much MyFriends helps.”

Don Neuenschwander, Founder


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