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Give a new life. Give hope. Give them a chance to soar...

Change a life today.

You too can be a hero.  Simply by donating time, money or resources.


Every dollar you donate to MyFriends goes directly to an organization devoted to improving the quality of life for the children and teens in crisis.  Your money will not be spent on nebulous "administrative costs." MyFriends pays nothing to its small staff of volunteers.  We have no building costs or large over-head expenses.  You can be sure your full contribution will pay for the care and revitalization of a child.

Among the many organizations that ask you to donate your money.  MyFriends has an important difference, your contributions go directly to young people, children and teens in need.  With your help these children can gain a new, positive outlook on life and grow up to be assets in our society. 

Your support is needed now more than ever as more and more children become victims of abuse every day.  Please contribute today to MyFriends.

Click here to donate via our secure PayPal account:

If you prefer to contribute to our cause via check, please send to:

MyFriends Foundation

P.O. Box 25294

Houston, TX 77265

You can contact us at: 713-824-1424 or 281-533-4099

or via email at: info@myfriendsfoundation.org

a non profit 501-C3 organization





“When you see how fast a child can turn his/herlife around—even after it seems too late—that’s when you realize how much MyFriends helps.”

Don Neuenschwander, Founder




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